I’m Matthew Bolaños; I embrace data driven design to make technology a little bit more enjoyable and usable by all at Microsoft.


Curiously asking “why not?”

In the past several years, the tech industry has devoted resources to create a smarter, more connected world. Companies have scaled up cloud-based solutions to support the advent of big data while simultaneously building systems that can intelligently solve real world problems.

At the same time, the industry has realized the importance of creating beautifully designed apps that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. By focusing on user-centered design, companies are finally creating software that connects at a more human level.

Unfortunately, these two improvements have yet to benefit each other. Big data is still too big and cumbersome, and most design has yet to embrace the power of intelligent systems. But why not? By merging these two worlds, people could have greater control over their own lives and the invisible forces around them. With my unique set of skills, I aim to answer questions like this as I help create a better world.

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